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The secutex knee brace provides optimal support to the knee joint, both on the lateral (outside) and medial (inside) of the knee. In addition, the brace gives a slight limitation in extension (maximum deflection). The knee brace is made so that you do not have to take off your shoe during exercise to construct the brace. The brace is for both left and right knee and is available in 3 sizes. To determine the size measure the size of the thigh, two centimeters above the patella (kneecap), size S: <38 cm, size M: 38-42 cm, size L:> 42 cm.

Arthrosis; Infection of the kneecap; Pain around the kneecap; Kneecap instability; Rheumatic pains; Extra stability of the joint; Recovery after grave injuries; Recovery after a surgery

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