Neoprene knee stabilizer L



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The Secutex neoprene knee stabiliser gives light support and can be used if you suffer from tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis or other (light) knee injuries. This Secutex neoprene knee stabiliser offers light protection and relieves, recovers and heals pain for different knee injuries. The hollow of the knee has a fabric part to prevent irritation. The extra bands ensure optimal fixation and pressure. The excellent fit ensures that the bandage doesn’t slip down during exercises. The open patella helps to keep the kneecap in place. The brace is very comfortable to wear and it gives compression and therapeutic warmth. Can be used daily.

Arthrosis; Infection of the kneecap; Pain around the kneecap; Kneecap instability; Rheumatic pains; Extra stability of the joint; Breathable

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